Free Ways to Donate

You can support Food Finders’ hunger relief efforts without spending a dime, and it’s easy! It takes just a few moments of your time.

Register your Ralph’s Reward Card and help Food Finders each time you shop for groceries.  Each time you shop, the store automatically sets aside a small percentage of the sale towards charity, and choosing Food Finders assures we receive your support. s a comprehensive search engine dedicated to helping charities.  Simply set up as your home page or tool bar for searching the Web, and you will generate income every time you use it.  Just select Food Finders from the charity listing and let the Web surfing begin!  Shop online with to find coupons and discounts at more than 1,000 stores.  Up to 30% of every purchase will also go to support Food Finders.  In addition, helps our cause when you visit restaurants, bars and clubs.

Recycle electronics, plastics, bottles and more and donate your profits to Food Finders.

Donate airline and hotel miles, or use frequent flier miles for open-ended tickets.  These items are fantastic for our silent auctions at events and are always in high demand.

Redeem credit card points, like VISA and American Express, to purchase items, gift cards, or more to donate in support of events.  Our events generally always feature an opportunity drawing or auction where we feature these kinds of items.  Restaurant gift cards and travel are the most popular, but nice gifts are also a perfect way to donate to support our fundraising efforts which directly support our Food Rescue Program.

Host a dinner party with close friends, new friends or business contacts.  Guests could be encouraged to support Food Finders on your behalf by making a personal donation.  Always let your guests know what your intentions are prior, but the more personal, intimate setting is often a perfect way to do a mini-fundraiser and share our story while still enjoying a special occasion or no occasion at all!  Sometimes restaurants or caterers are willing to donate food if it’s for a good cause.

Host a food drive, and make it a fun occasion, theme party or just regular get together that you always do.  We collect canned goods all year round, but our special drives run in Summer and Thanksgiving.