See what we did to ensure our organization continues
to meet the needs of our food donors and nonprofit partners.

Like all businesses, Food Finders has been impacted by the recent pandemic. We are grateful to remain in operation throughout the COVID crisis and continue to serve our constituents on a daily basis. To meet increased requests for food, we have expanded our outreach and increased our nonperishable food distribution.

Health and safety procedures have been implemented both on-site and among our community volunteer network. Because we serve nonprofits and not individuals directly, it is important that all of our recipient agency partners adhere to state-issued guidelines for safety and health protocols in providing food to their clients and that our donors also abide by these guidelines.

Since we have such a large network of partners, we compiled a list of resources to help traverse the pandemic as safely and informed as possible, listed below.

COVID-19 Public Health Information

Center For Disease Control and Prevention

California Association of Food Banks

Food Safety Training For COVID-19

Communication & Toolkits

DIY Personal Protection Toolkits

DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Sneeze Guard

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Your support of Food Finders provides more than just food- it provides time spent cooking together, reconnecting with friends or family, creating a long-lasting memory, tradition and much more. Make a donation this December and provide someone in need with #MoreThanJustFood.