Meet The Team

The work we do is made possible by a dedicated and passionate group of Food Finders! Put a face to the name and meet our FF team.

Executive Director
Director of Operations
Staff Image of Grants and Marketing Manager Patti
Grants & Marketing Manager
Fund Development Director
Staff image for Donor Relations Manager Veronica
Donor Giving Manager
staff image for Food donor acquisitions manager Chris
Food Acquisitions Manager
Staff image for Accountant Manager Enrique
Accounting Manager
Staff image for Social Media and Marketing Specialist Eric
Marketing Specialist
Staff image of partner agency coordinator Yvette
Partner Agency Coordinator
Partner Agency Coordinator
Staff image of volunteer corodinator Sylvia
Volunteer Coordinator
Staff image of Food Program administrator Julissa
Food Program Administrator
Staff image for food finders driver Jose
Food Rescue Driver
Jose Dominguez
Staff image of food finders driver Juan
Food Rescue Driver
Juan Perea
Staff Image for Food Recovery Driver Sergio
Food Rescue Driver
Sergio Hernandez

Board of Directors

Board President Shankar Ram Photo
Board President
Past President
Linda Simpkins Secretary board of directors photo
Linda Simpkins
Ryan Kwong Board of Directors Photo
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Nishat Ahmed

Advisory Board

Advisory Board member
Advisory Board member
Advisory Board member
Advisory Board member
Support Food Finders and Give #MoreThanJustFood

Your support of Food Finders provides more than just food- it provides time spent cooking together, reconnecting with friends or family, creating a long-lasting memory, tradition and much more. Make a donation this December and provide someone in need with #MoreThanJustFood.