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Food Rescue Hero Art Contest K-12


Food Rescue Hereo Comic Book Contest 10-22 Food rescue hero contest


Design a Food Rescue Hero who helps end hunger by saving good food before it goes to waste and getting it to people in need. Explain your hero’s origin story.

Enter for A chance to win PRIZES 

Win tickets to THE 2022 Los Angeles Comic-Con

LA Comic Con

Contest held from Sept 1st to October 29th—on Marvel Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

Winners will be announced on October 29th—on Marvel Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

Art Contest Details

Who can enter?

Any student in kindergarten through Grade 12 can enter the contest.

How do I submit my work?

Entries can be submitted a) online (form below) b) by mailing or dropping off to Food Finders, Food Rescue Hero Art Contest, 10539 Humbolt St, Los Alamitos CA 90720.

What is a Food Rescue hero?

A hunger action hero collects extra food from grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and farms before it goes to waste (food rescue). Then, the hero gets the food to people facing hunger. Your character will rally the community around those who need a little extra help with food assistance and celebrate those who take action.

What should I submit?

You will submit original artwork* and a brief paragraph explaining your hero’s origin story. Make sure to use Food Finders Logo (top) on your design!

*Please use your imagination to create your own hero character. Unfortunately, we cannot accept drawings that include copyrighted characters for example Superman, Wonder Woman, or Spider-Man.

What is an origin story?

Every superhero has an origin story. This story explains how they got their powers and why they decided to help others. When writing a brief paragraph about your character’s origin story, ask yourself:

How did your superhero first decide to end hunger?

What are your superhero’s special powers?

How do they help the world by ending hunger through food rescue?

Artwork Rules & Eligibility

  • Only 1 entry per person allowed
  • Artists must be in grades K – 12.
  • Artwork must be 8.5” x 11” or 11”x17” in size.
  • Show the front and back of the costume and make sure your character’s face is visible.
  • Costume design must include Food Finder’s Logo (top of page)
  • Artwork must be original by the submitting artist. (No drawing of copyrighted characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Spider-Man will be accepted.)
  • A one-paragraph origin story must be submitted with the design.
  • Artwork may be hand-drawn using pencils or markers or created digitally.
  • Submit your artwork by Friday October 21, 2022

Acknowledgment and Consent: By submitting the artwork for the child artist, the submitting parent or legal guardian (“Parent”), on behalf of the child artist, represents this artwork is original and was created by the child artist identified in the submission. Parent agrees with the Contest Rules and grants to Food Finders the non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, and worldwide right to copy, make derivative works of, publish and distribute the submitted artwork in any format, including print, electronic, and online media. The parent understands that the child artist will not receive any compensation, payment or royalty for the use of any materials produced for the Food Rescue Hero Art Challenge from Food Finders

Art Contest Prizes

The Top 10 submissions will receive:

Comic Book Art Kit

Blank Comic Book For Kids : Create Your Own Comics With This Comic Book Journal Notebook

The Top 3 submissions will also receive:

Marvel Encyclopedia Book

Sketch Pad and Pencils

With more gifts to be announced!

Key Dates

Top 5 Submissions Announced:

Monday, October  24th, 2022

Winner Announcement:

October 29th—on Marvel Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

What if I still have Questions

We’re here to help!

Please email, or call (562) 283 – 1400 ext. 112

Food Finders Rescue Hero Art Contest Entry Form

Step 1 of 2

Your Character’s Origin Story: Every superhero has an origin story. The story explains how they got their powers and decided to help others.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.

Food Waste

Have An Eco-Friendly Super Bowl Party

1.4 Billion Chicken Wings on Sunday

Food is everything for those working to reduce waste and eliminate hunger. When we walk into a grocery store and see a bruised piece of fruit, we become sad thinking that this nourishing treat could end up in a landfill instead of a Food Bank serving food-insecure communities.

But on event days like Super Bowl Sunday? Well, last year over 40 million pounds of food were wasted —just from the stadium. The good news is that much of this stadium waste was rescued and repurposed because of a plan. This year, up to 120 Million people will be watching or attending the big game. That means there will be 1.4 Billion chicken wings sitting alongside an equal amount of chips, salsa, pigs in a blanket, and so much more!

Celebrate But Make It Zero Waste

We want you to have fun, but we also want you to have a plan! Throw your party and be mindful of the waste. Here are Eight Zero Waste Party Tips to enjoy the game and feel good that you are making an impact:

1. Have a Plan for Scraps of Food

If you live in California, you need a plan for food waste. SB-1383 requires you to compost! Have a bucket next to all the delicious foods clearly marked “COMPOST” so that your guests know what to do. Food accounts for a lot of what goes into landfills, so having a place to compost reduces that impact, and it helps to reduce our carbon footprint too! Learn more about SB-1383.

2. Don’t Use Plastic Plates, Cups or Utensils

Sure, we know it’s easier to toss out plates rather than wash them! Minimize cleanup by preparing dish stations with buckets full of soapy water for guests to use to soak dirty dishes. Put a little sign above the wash station: “40 Million Tons of Waste is Generated During the Super Bowl. Prevent waste-wash and rinse a plate.” [Not enough plates? Try Goodwill. You can recycle used containers for very little money.]

3. Use Reusable Bags

When shopping for the party, remember to bring your favorite reusable grocery and produce bags to the store with you to minimize plastic and paper bag usage! And if you forgot, get those plastic bags out and recycle them!

4. Pack It All Up in Reusable Containers

reusable glass containers

You know there are going to be leftovers, so plan ahead. Minimize the use of plastic baggies, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and other disposable food storage items by packing leftovers in reusable containers. If you usually give leftovers away to guests, ask them to bring their own reusable containers to take food home in.

5. Forget All The Decorations

At the very least, could you keep it simple? You are there to watch the game, so save your money and focus on your team winning! And if you can’t live without a football-shaped table centerpiece, make it reusable. Your great-grandkids will be very grateful you did!

6. Label and Plan Your Trash Cans

Label Your Bins

There are two critical tricks to this part: First, clearly label waste receptacles, and second, put them in places that are easily accessible to guests. If they can’t see them, they won’t use them.

7. Let Everyone Know: Make Announcements

Just before the game starts, and then just before the first half-time commercial, announce the bins, the food scraps, and the reason why you are changing things up this year. Change happens when enough people speak up. Be the voice of change!

8. Repurpose Extra Food After The Game

Your Super Bowl planning probably included extra buns, chips, and produce. If you think it will go to waste, turn sour, or go uneaten–DONATE IT. Better to feed a group of seniors than to add to the landfill heap. Food Finders has a mission to rescue food, reduce hunger, and provide nutritious meals to food-insecure communities. That could be your mission too! Be a Food Rescue Hero

Resources for Food Donations

For Ram’s Fans: Food Finders

USDA Donations

California Association of Food Banks

Cal Recycle

For Bengals Fans: Last Mile Food Rescue

If you would like to make an impact on reducing food waste and hunger help us grow our food rescue operations: Donate

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